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  • Personnel recruitment
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  • Jobs Time :
  • 2013-11-23
  • Job description:

    The job:

    See the recruitment notice

    Release date:

    It's been 3 months

    School calendar:

    See the recruitment notice

    Place of work:

    Shishou City in Hubei Province Zhang Cheng Huan hi tech Park


    To negotiate a wage system

    The recruitment of the number:

    See the recruitment notice

    Candidate requirements:

    Introduction Chuyuan group

    Chuyuan group is China's dyestuff industry and the world chemical industry well-known enterprises, the focus of high-tech enterprises in China, the top 100 enterprises in Hubei Province, is located in the city of Shishou of Hubei Province Zhang Cheng Huan high-tech park, annual sales of 3500000000 yuan, export $150000000, paid tax 100000000 yuan, is the main source of revenue and Shishou industrial pillar.

    Group covers an area of 1800 mu, the total assets of 2800000000 yuan, under the jurisdiction of the 7 subsidiaries, including 5 domestic companies and 2 foreign companies, the main production and operation of dye intermediates and reactive dyes, biological medicine, organic chemical raw materials and chemical packaging machinery, is the world's largest production base of dye intermediates. Product best-selling Europe and America, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia more than 20 countries and regions.

    The group was founded in 1982, 30 years, Chuyuan hold high the "science and technology, the pursuit of excellence" banner, continue to promote technological innovation and management innovation, to establish a rapid conversion of technology innovation and R & D mechanism, has a strong ability to grasp the opportunity, forward-looking, creative decision-making team, employees 4500 people, 30% for the professional management and technical personnel, senior Title 30 people, intermediate title 300 people, enjoy the State Council allowance two. Established a post doctoral scientific research workstation, dye inspection center was identified as a national laboratory, Chuyuan brand reactive dyes was rated as China's famous brand products. Product quality among the forefront of the industry, the key products have their own core technology, make para ester, participated in the 5 national standards for product, has 10 patents, passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupation health and safety management system certification.

    "In a way, become rich one party" is Chu Yuan business purposes and philosophy, accumulative total resettlement of rural surplus labor and the laid-off and unemployed personnel more than 3000 people, charity and local new rural construction, building bridges and roads, poor. In recent years, Chu Yuan is committed to energy-saving emission reduction and environmental management, the construction of clean and civilized factory and green environmental protection enterprises, and achieved good results, the degree of automation of production to further improve, improve the production environment, SO2 emissions, soot, COD were lower than the environmental protection departments nuclear standards, reached the standard discharge, provide strong support for sustainable development. To let employees live and work in peace, the group turned 100 acres of land in the sun, the construction of 1000 units of public rental housing, rural migrant workers, for the field staff and the city without housing staff housing, the end can be put into use, and the corresponding traffic, living cultural facilities.

    The next five years, Chu Yuan will continue to comprehensively implement the scientific outlook on development, accelerating technological innovation and structural adjustment, deep dyeing industry, create a world of dyes, become a global industry leader, at the same time to enter the field of basic chemical, pharmaceutical and chemical new materials, promote industrial upgrading and transformation of the mode of economic growth, to realize the coordinated development economic and environmental protection. Implementation of tens of billions of sales, build a hundred years of Chu source.

    Chuyuan group recruitment notice

    Chuyuan group is the leading industrial enterprise in Jingzhou, made outstanding contributions to the local economic and social development, due to the need of project construction and development, is for the community to recruit 350 employees, welcome a person with breadth of vision to join Chu Yuan, and seek common development.

    One, the recruitment

    1, the operator: 100

    2, auxiliary work: 200

    3, the welder: 20

    4, the electrician: 10

    5, the relevant professional (accounting, chemical classes, English classes and other professional): 15

    Two, recruitment conditions

    1, good character, no social evil deeds and violations of law, the real good.

    Age: 2, male 18 female 18 -- 45 years -- 40 years of age.

    3, education: junior high school and junior high school degree or above, professional college and above.

    4, the body condition: healthy, Wuguanduanzheng, quick thinking, non disabled, deafness and the language barrier, no tattoos, non communicable and chronic diseases, the recruitment company designated by the health unit physical examination qualified. More over, the height of male 160Cm female 150Cm priority, visual acuity 0.8 or above is preferred.

    Three, the salary and welfare

    : 2000 -- 1, monthly pay 3000 yuan, relevant professional work ability to negotiate a wage system.

    2, working hours: 8 hours / day work, work overtime can take or pay overtime wages.

    3, the insurance: unified attend social insurance (basic endowment, inductrial injury, unemployment, maternity, medical).

    Four, contact

    1, contact: Mr. Wu 13986691235;

    Mr. Cheng, 13986715668; Chen 13972333332

    2, contact address: Hubei province Shishou City, Zhang Cheng Huan hi tech park.

    The job:

    Thermal engineering

    Release date:

    School calendar:

    Place of work:

    Shishou City, Jingzhou City


    Salary: Negotiable

    The recruitment of the number:


    Candidate requirements:

    Chuyuan group thermal professional personnel 1, male, 45 years old the following, have relevant work experience, Jingzhou regional priority, treatment negotiable.

    Contact person: Mr. Chen 13972333332

    Address: Hubei province Shishou City, Zhang Cheng Huan hi tech park.

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